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Member requirements

Only owners of genuine Falcon GT's, from the 1967 XR GT to the current FG GT range, including South African GT's, are eligible for Club membership.


Potential new members are required to attend meetings, then be nominated by an existing full club member

New Member Application (292 KB)


Membership Renewal Form (297 KB)


Rules for an Incorporated Association


Club Permit Registration:

To apply for club permit registration, members will need to:

1. Complete the GT Club's Application form:

Club Permit Application (292 KB)


2. Complete the Vic Roads club permit application form CLICK HERE to access the forms from the VicRoads website.

3. Provide a current Roadworthy Certificate

4. Provide current photos (as per listed on the application form) of the vehicle.

5. Mail all of the above, along with your payment, and a stamped self addessed envelope to the Club's PO Box for processing and return.

Club permits are only eligible for current financial members.

The club will only issue permits for vehicles used only for private/non-commercial purposes.

The regulations for club permit registration have changed effective 1st Feb 2011. Cars on club permit registration can now be driven anytime anywhere but limited to a maximum 45 days per year via 45 day permit log book or 90 days per year via 90 day permit a log book.

Please refer to the VicRoads website for more information.

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